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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Do You Know You Are Empowered!

  1. Sometimes it seems as if the Counselor is just buried in those charts, or taking two steps forward, one back.  But, take just a moment to connect with peers and ask "Am I really making a difference?" ....Not trying to get heavy here... but, asking that question may prove to bring some insight into why we do what we do
  2. Questions:  Do I have expectations of my place in another's recovery? What is my part in their recovery? Is my self-image dependant on certain outcomes? And, if I cannot control outcomes, what can I control
  3.  Counseling a person with this disease of addiction is being aware of the chronic, relapsing process often part of the recovery process.  So.... Is the outcome I look for having done the best that I can...remaining teachable... staying currant of best practices...inhance my skills and remember to provide positive "self-care".
  4. Remember: " To Counsel is a Gift"... 

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