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Friday, September 24, 2010

Soothing for Fridays...

The street paver is here... the sound is "grating." The T.V. in the living room... the sound is "grating" too.  The phone calls and non-stop caretaking.... 
Do you hear "grating" in your environment?  The copier, phone, too loud voices or, even, demands, requests and inattention to YOUR needs?  It's time for a break.  It's time for "self-care".
  • We need Hugs....
  • We need Humor...
  • We need Gratitude (just one)
  • We need To Breathe
  • We need A Meeting 
  • We need to Accept... (this one goes down better with a cup of coffee, a walk, sharing and listening.)
 Did I mention music? Doing something creative?  I just noticed that street paver just left... gotta go find that Hug!
How about doing some "morning papers" again with Julia Cameron ...haven't read her yet?  Check out her "creative recovery"... and inspirational snippets on side-bar of every page..... I'm remembering:  "Today is....The Gift."

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